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Episode 76: NCAAF – Ole Miss at LSU

The World Series has begun, so Peter and Joel give their take on whether the Royals or the Giants will win it all. Where does Steve Nash rank all-time, in terms of small point guards, with his career now in jeopardy? Also, NCAAF Week 9 picks, NFL Week 8 predictions against the spread, and Peyton Manning breaks the all-time career passing touchdown record.


– World Series begins
– Steve Nash out for year with back problems


Peter: NCAAF 4-3, NFL 4-2
Joel: NCAAF 4-3, NFL 4-2


Peter versus Joel
– Texas at Kansas State (-10) (SAT, 12 PM ET)
– Michigan at Michigan State (-17) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)
– Florida Atlantic at Marshall (-28) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)
Ole Miss at LSU (+3.5) (SAT, 7:15 PM ET)
Ohio State at Penn State (+14.5) (SAT, 8 PM ET)
– USC at Utah (+1) (SAT, 10:30 PM ET)
– Extra Point: Mississippi State at Kentucky (+14.5) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)
— Joel: West Virginia at Oklahoma State (-1) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)

Detroit vs Atlanta (+3.5) (SUN, 9:30 AM ET) (in London, England)
– Chicago at New England (-5.5) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
Philadelphia at Arizona (-2) (SUN, 4:05 PM ET)
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh (+3.5) (SUN, 4:25 PM ET)
Green Bay at New Orleans (-2) (SUN, 8:30 PM ET)
– Washington at Dallas (-10) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)

Episode 1: NCAAF – Michigan vs Alabama

20: Red Sox/Dodgers blockbuster deal
Make the play: Do the Dodgers make the playoffs? If so, how far do they go?

10: Lance Armstrong stripped of 7 Tour de France titles
Make the play: Does public opinion over Lance Armstrong change in the next year because of this? How so?

5: NFL confirms replacement officials for Week 1
Make the play: In which week do the regular officials return to work NFL games?

PICK 6Peter and Joel
South Carolina at Vanderbilt (+7) (THUR, 7 PM ET)
– Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech (-7.5) (MON, 8 PM ET)
Notre Dame vs Navy (+14) (SAT, 9 AM ET) (in Dublin, Ireland)
Clemson vs Auburn (+3.5) (SAT, 7 PM ET) (in Atlanta, GA)
– Boise State at Michigan State (-7.5) (FRI, 8 PM ET)
– Michigan vs Alabama (-11) (SAT, 8 PM ET) (in Dallas, TX)
– Extra Point
— Peter: Hawaii at USC (-39) (SAT, 7:30 PM ET)
— Joel: Marshall at WVU (-22) (SAT, 12:00 PM ET)