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Episode 73: NFL – Cincinnati at New England

Peter is ashamed of Michigan, as his alma mater has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, regarding player safety this week. Meanwhile, Joel comes to terms with the elimination of the Pittsburgh Pirates from the MLB playoffs. Which teams have the best chance of making the World Series? Also, NCAAF Week 6 picks, NFL Week 5 predictions against the spread, and the odd stories from the last week of college football.


– Michigan mismanages player safety
– MLB wild card games and playoff predictions


Peter: NCAAF 5-2, NFL 4-2
Joel: NCAAF 3-4, NFL 3-3


Peter versus Joel
Texas A&M at Mississippi State (-1.5) (SAT, 12 PM ET)
Oklahoma at TCU (+4.5) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)
Alabama at Ole Miss (+6.5) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)
Stanford at Notre Dame (+2.5) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)
LSU at Auburn (-8) (SAT, 7 PM ET)
Nebraska at Michigan State (-8.5) (SAT, 8 PM ET)
– Extra Point: Wake Forest at Florida State (-38.5) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)
— Peter: Michigan at Rutgers (-3) (SAT, 7 PM ET)
— Joel: Kansas at West Virginia (-25.5) (SAT, 4 PM ET)

– Chicago at Carolina (-2.5) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
Houston at Dallas (-4) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
– Baltimore at Indianapolis (-3.5) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
– Arizona at Denver (-7) (SUN, 4:05 PM ET)
Cincinnati at New England (+1.5) (SUN, 8:30 PM ET)
Seattle at Washington (+7.5) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)

Episode 66: Predicting the MLB All-Star Break

– Jason Kidd traded, to become coach of the Bucks
– Miami Heat “Big 3″ opt out of deals
NBA Draft 2014

20: Wimbledon finals soon under way
MAKE THE PLAY: Who wins the men’s and women’s draw?
10: MLB All-Star break approaching
MAKE THE PLAY: Will there be a current division leader that misses the playoffs? If so, which team?
5: World Cup 2014 progresses into the knockout round -AND- “Things Tim Howard Could Save”
MAKE THE PLAY: Who makes the final?

Episode 43: NFL – Denver vs Indianapolis

20: Andrew Wiggins hype skyrocketing
Make the play: Will Wiggins be the #1 pick in next year’s NBA draft?

10: Texans fans cheer Matt Schaub injury
Make the play: How many wins do the Texans get this year?

5: MLB league championship series continue
Make the play: Will the Dodgers come back to make it to the World Series?

(NCAAF) Peter: 3-4, Joel 3-4
SMYNja Leader: (NCAAF) Decaff78: 28-21
(NFL) Peter: 3-3, Joel 3-3
SMYNja Leader: (NFL) Decaff78, 21-15

PICK 6Joel vs Peter
NCAAF Week 8
TCU at Oklahoma State (-7) (12 PM ET)
Florida at Missouri (+3.5) (12:21 PM ET)
Auburn at Texas A&M (-12.5) (3:30 PM ET)
UCLA at Stanford (-6) (3:30 PM ET)
– Iowa at Ohio State (-17) (3:30 PM ET)
– Florida State at Clemson (+3) (8 PM ET)
– Extra Point: Southern Cal at Notre Dame (-3) (7:30 PM ET)
— Peter: Indiana at Michigan (-7.5) (3:30 PM ET)
— Joel: Texas Tech at West Virginia (+5.5) (12 PM ET)

NFL Week 7
New England at New York Jets (+4) (1 PM ET)
Dallas at Philadelphia (-3) (1 PM ET)
Buffalo at Miami (-9.5) (1 PM ET)
Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-1) (4:25 PM ET)
Denver at Indianapolis (+6.5) (8:30 PM ET)
Minnesota at New York Giants (-3.5) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)

Episode 42: NCAAF – Oregon at Washington

20: Struggles of the Atlanta Falcons
Make the play: How many wins does Atlanta end up with this season?

10: Jerry Kill, University of Minnesota football coach, takes leave of absence for seizures
Make the play: Will Kill coach another game this season?

5: MLB league championship series begin
Make the play: Who makes it to the World Series?

(NCAAF) Peter: 2-5, Joel 2-5
SMYNja Leader: (NCAAF) Decaff78: 25-17
(NFL) Peter: 3-3, Joel 3-3
SMYNja Leader: (NFL) Decaff78, 20-10

PICK 6Joel vs Peter
NCAAF Week 7
– Missouri at Georgia (-8) (12 PM ET)
Oklahoma at Texas (+14) (12 PM ET)
– Florida at LSU (-7) (3:30 PM ET)
Oregon at Washington (+13.5) (4 PM ET)
Michigan at Penn State (+2) (5 PM ET)
– Georgia Tech at BYU (-7) (7 PM ET)
– Extra Point: Syracuse at NC State (-6.5) (3:30 PM ET)
— Peter: EP
— Joel: EP

NFL Week 6
Detroit at Cleveland (+1) (1 PM ET)
– St. Louis at Houston (-9) (1 PM ET)
Oakland at Kansas City (-9.5) (1 PM ET)
Jacksonville at Denver (-26.5) (4:25 PM ET)
– Washington at Dallas (-6) (8:30 PM ET)
Indianapolis at San Diego (+1) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)

Episode 41: NFL – Detroit vs Green Bay

20: Lane Kiffin fired by USC after blowout loss
Make the play: How many wins does USC end up with this year?

10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers release QB Josh Freeman
Make the play: Will Freeman start for another NFL team this season?

5: 2013 MLB playoffs begin
Make the play: Who wins this year’s World Series?

(NCAAF) Peter: 3-4, Joel 5-2
SMYNja Leader: (NCAAF) Decaff78: 21-14
(NFL) Peter: 2-4, Joel 3-3
SMYNja Leader: (NFL) Decaff78, 16-8

PICK 6Joel vs Peter
NCAAF Week 6
Maryland at Florida State (-15.5) (12 PM ET)
Clemson at Syracuse (+13.5) (3:30 PM ET)
Georgia at Tennessee (+10) (3:30 PM ET)
Arizona State vs Notre Dame (+5.5) (7:30 PM ET, Arlington, TX)
Ohio State at Northwestern (+7) (8 PM ET)
– Washington at Stanford (-7.5) (10:30 PM ET)
– Extra Point: Kansas State at Oklahoma State (-14) (3:30 PM ET)
— Peter: Minnesota at Michigan (-19) (3:30 PM ET)
— Joel: West Virginia at Baylor (-28) (8 PM ET)

NFL Week 5
Seattle at Indianapolis (+1) (1 PM ET)
Philadelphia at New York Giants (-1) (1 PM ET)
– Detroit at Green Bay (-7.5) (1 PM ET)
Carolina at Arizona (+1) (4:25 PM ET)
– Houston at San Francisco (-6.5) (8:30 PM ET)
– New York Jets at Atlanta (-10.5) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)