What is Down the Sidelines?

“Down the Sidelines” (DtS) serves as a way for sports fans to make predictions about the latest things happening in the sports world. Hosts Peter and Joel break down the week’s top stories, reflect on predictions that were right or wrong, and look at the upcoming week’s big games. The show is currently in its early stages and competition has begun for this year’s NCAA and NFL prediction champion. To learn how to participate, visit this page. Down the Sidelines’ format is as follows…


Peter and Joel stop by the 20, 10, and 5 yard lines to discuss the top three stories in the world of sports. At the end of each, they have to “Make the Play” with an additional question that provides a predictive element.


The previous week’s predictions are analyzed for accuracy. Plus, updated standings for the champion competitions are provided.


The six biggest games from the upcoming week in each sport are predicted, with point spreads if it applies. Each set of six is capped off with an extra point, which applies to the guesser’s “represented school.”

For any further questions, please contact us at smynsidelines(AT)gmail(DOT)com