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Peter Spezia

Peter Spezia is the creator of the Show Me Your News Network! He is a graduate of the University of Michigan, with a degree in Screen Arts and Cultures (film and TV studies). Peter is currently is pursuing a Master’s degree from Oakland University in Communication (Media Studies) and does video production work for Chrysler.

Sports are very important to Peter. Since he grew up in Michigan, he is a big fan of the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, and Detroit Lions. The University of Michigan was his college sports team of choice, even before his four years at the school. Additionally, Peter will also cheer for the Indianapolis Colts and the Florida State Seminoles.

Peter works on many shows for the network, as it is his creation. In addition to Down the Sidelines, he hosts Show Me Your News!, Wut R U Playn?, WTF, Pokémon!?!, and also contributes to SMYN Top Ten.

You may follow Peter Spezia on Twitter @smynyouko.

Joel Orndorff

You may follow Joel Orndorff on Twitter @Joel_Patrol.

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