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Episode 83: NFL – Cincinnati at Cleveland

It’s a college football postseason extravaganza! The final four college football playoff teams have been decided, along with the other bowl games and Heisman Trophy finalists! Meanwhile, the MLB Winter Meetings are happening, so Peter and Joel give you their thoughts on all of the free agency moves and trades that are happening. Also, NFL Week 15 predictions against the spread and the Big Ten suffers some terrible college basketball losses.


– College Football FINAL FOUR Teams: BAMA, ORE, FSU, OSU
– Other college football bowl games
– Heisman Candidates: Mariota, Gordon, Cooper
– MLB Winter Meetings: Lester, Porcello/Cespedes, Kemp, Rollins
– Bad Big Ten college basketball losses


Peter: NCAAF 5-2, NFL 4-2
Joel: NCAAF 4-3, NFL 4-2


Peter versus Joel
– Miami at New England (-7.5) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
Cincinnati at Cleveland (-1) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
Denver at San Diego (+4) (SUN, 4:05 PM ET)
– San Francisco at Seattle (-10) (SUN, 4:25 PM ET)
– Dallas at Philadelphia (-3) (SUN, 8:30 PM ET)
– New Orleans at Chicago (+3) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)

Episode 52: Predicting the Bowl Season

20: Kobe Bryant injures knee so soon after Achille’s return
MAKE THE PLAY: Will Kobe play next season?
10: College football bowl breakdown
MAKE THE PLAY: Any teams you really like heading into these match-ups? Any locks?
5: NFL Playoffs Picture and Predictions
MAKE THE PLAY: Surprise playoff teams? Who makes a run? Who is left out?

(NFL) Peter: 1-5, Joel: 1-5
SMYNja Leader: (NFL) Detlef Schrempf: 30-24

PICK 6Peter vs Joel

NFL Week 16
– Indianapolis at Kansas City (-7) (1 PM ET)
New Orleans at Carolina (-3) (1 PM ET)
– Arizona at Seattle (-10.5) (4:05 PM ET)
New England at Baltimore (-2.5) (4:25 PM ET)
– Chicago at Philadelphia (-3) (8:30 PM ET)
Atlanta at San Francisco (-13) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)

Episode 51: NFL – Baltimore vs Detroit

Mack Brown likely to resign as Texas head coach by week’s end
Bowl schedule is confirmed

(NCAAF) Peter: 6-1, Joel: 4-3
SMYNja Leader: (NCAAF) Detlef Schrempf: 39-21
(NFL) Peter: 4-2, Joel: 3-3
SMYNja Leader: (NFL) Detlef Schrempf: 30-24

PICK 6Peter vs Joel

NFL Week 15
New England at Miami (+2) (1 PM ET)
Chicago at Cleveland (-7) (1 PM ET)
– New York Jets at Carolina (-11) (4:05 PM ET)
– Green Bay at Dallas (-7) (4:25 PM ET)
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (+2.5) (8:30 PM ET)
– Baltimore at Detroit (-6) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)

Episode 15: NCAAF – Bowl Schedule

20: College football coaching carousel
Make the play: Will Wisconsin make the Rose Bowl next year?

10: Heisman trophy awarded this Saturday
Make the play: Who wins the trophy?

5: College football bowl schedule
Make the play: Who wins the National Championship game?

(NCAAF) Peter: 46-52, Joel 45-53 – (NFL) Peter: 41-37, Joel: 42-36
SMYNja Leader: (NCAAF) MajorMoses – (NFL) Skulljumper, MajorMoses

PICK 6Joel vs Peter
NFL Week 14
Dallas at Cincinnati (-3) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
Baltimore at Washington (-1) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
– Miami at San Francisco (-10) (SUN, 4:05 PM ET)
New Orleans at New York Giants (-4.5) (SUN, 4:25 PM ET)
– Detroit at Green Bay (-7) (SUN, 8:20 PM ET)
Houston at New England (-3.5) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)