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WTFP: Mewtwo Returns

Youko and SwordHunter dissect the Bottom Ten moments from this direct-to-DVD sequel of Pokémon: The First Movie! When Ash and company stumble upon the tallest mountain in the Johto region, they discover a Team Rocket plot to recapture an old, forgotten foe. Can they save the cloned creatures, as well as the pristine lake that may hold great secrets? You won’t believe the errors, logical mistakes, plot holes, and poor writing…

Bottom Ten below…

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WTFP Riffs: Mewtwo Returns


WTFP Riffs continues with our current production of Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns. While we watched this special feature for the first time EVER, we recorded our live commentary, as if the microphone was not there. We were pleasantly surprised that this resulted in the same kind of critical analysis and joke-making that we have always prided ourselves on, while watching Pokémon all these years! While others have riffed films in the past, it is important to emphasize what the end goal of our particular commentary is. It is only a stepping stone to the final, well-crafted video that we create. Our goal in releasing these WTFP Riffs for download is to show you just what it’s like to be in the room with us as we begin the creative process.

The Mixed Form below is rather enjoyable on its own and a lot can be gained from just listening to the movie audio with commentary. If you want to listen to our commentary along with actually watching the video, it is up to you to find the film on your own, be it DVD or otherwise.

Mixed Form (commentary and movie audio synchronized)
Raw Form (commentary only)

— Mewtwo Returns (:50)
— Bottom Ten Breakdown/Discussion – Final Video SPOILERS (1:00:55)

If you have any lingering questions regarding the purpose of WTFP Riffs, please feel free to consult this blog post, which introduced the idea.

WTFP: The First Movie

#10 – Togepi’s Totally Trivial

#9 – The Naive Nordic No-No

#8 – Erratic Event Eradication

#7 – Mewtwo, Atrocious Antagonist

#6 – Pokéballs Catching Pokéballs

#5 – Scoffing at Senseless Servitude

#4 – My Brother, Oh Bother

#3 – Movie Material Misnomers

#2 – Fighting, Fundamentally Flawed

#1 – The Power of Pikachu Tears

Episode 63: Battle of the Badge

#5 – Gary Oak, Master Trainer

#4 – Needs More Shadow Realm

#3 – Strong Arc, To Be Continued

#2 – Time and the Coma Theory

#1 – The Baffling, Badass Badges

Episode 13: Mystery at the Lighthouse

#5 – Remember Brock, Misty isn’t a girl

#4 – The staple of the American diet

#3 – Exaggerating never gets you anywhere

#2 – Stop with the bullcrap catches

#1 – Who IS this man?