WTFP: Mewtwo Returns

Youko and SwordHunter dissect the Bottom Ten moments from this direct-to-DVD sequel of Pokémon: The First Movie! When Ash and company stumble upon the tallest mountain in the Johto region, they discover a Team Rocket plot to recapture an old, forgotten foe. Can they save the cloned creatures, as well as the pristine lake that may hold great secrets? You won’t believe the errors, logical mistakes, plot holes, and poor writing…

Bottom Ten below…


#10 – Villainous Vamp in Vain

#9 – The Landmarks in Limbo

#8 – Partially Present Pokémon

#7 – Confounded Clone Creation

#6 – Speaking Sans Simplification

#5 – Totally Theoretical Tech

#4 – Elemental Existence Effects

#3 – The Mewtwo ex Machina

#2 – Work with Wizardly Water

#1 – Bungled Breeding Bases

Movie Commentary/Riff Track:

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