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Episode 12: NFL – Chicago vs San Francisco

20: Marlins unload talent in trade to Blue Jays
Make the play: What place in the AL East does Toronto get next year?

10: Alabama LOSES to Texas A&M
Make the play: Two weeks to go – who plays for the title?

5: Lakers fire Brown, hire D’Antoni
Make the play: Will the Lakers at least make the conference finals?

(NCAAF) Peter: 37-40, Joel 38-39 – (NFL) Peter: 33-27, Joel: 33-27
SMYNja Leader: (NCAAF) MajorMoses – (NFL) Skulljumper

PICK 6Joel vs Peter
NCAAF Week 12
Rutgers at Cincinnati (-6.5) (SAT, 12:00 PM ET)
USC vs UCLA (+4) (SAT, 3:05 PM ET)
– Ohio State at Wisconsin (-3) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)
Texas Tech at Oklahoma State (-10.5) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)
Oklahoma at West Virginia (+10.5) (SAT, 7 PM ET)
Stanford at Oregon (-20.5) (SAT, 8 PM ET)
– Extra Point: NC State at Clemson (-17) (SAT, 3:30 PM ET)
— Peter: EP
— Joel: EP

NFL Week 11
Green Bay at Detroit (+3.5) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
Philadelphia at Washington (-3.5) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
– San Diego at Denver (-8.5) (SUN, 4:25 PM ET)
Indianapolis at New England (-9.5) (SUN, 4:25 PM ET)
Baltimore at Pittsburgh (+3) (SUN, 8:20 PM ET)
– Chicago at San Francisco (-4) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)