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Episode 57: Predicting National Signing Day

20: Winter Olympics in Sochi start soon in poor conditions
10: National Signing Day – Malik McDowell’s conflict
5: Seattle routs Denver in the Super Bowl
MAKE THE PLAY: Will Seattle repeat next year as champions?

Episode 56: Predicting the Super Bowl

– Roger Goodell considering changing NFL extra point rules
– Shaun White out of X Games, focusing on Olympics

20: Australian Open in the semifinal stage
MAKE THE PLAY: Who wins the men’s and women’s draw?
10: Yankees sign Masahiro Tanaka to 7-year/$155-million deal
MAKE THE PLAY: Will the Yankees win the AL pennant next year?
5: NFL Playoffs – Super Bowl match-up decided
MAKE THE PLAY: Who wins the Super Bowl?

Episode 23: Predicting Signing Day

20: Ryan Braun on Miami PED list
Make the play: Does Braun ultimately clear his name of any suspicion?

10: National Signing Day results
Make the play: How many wins does Ole Miss get next year?

5: Super Bowl Recap
Make the play: Who wins next year’s Super Bowl?

Episode 22: Predicting the Super Bowl

20: Duke loses at #1…again
Make the play: Who will be ranked #1 in men’s college basketball at the end of the regular season?

10: Manti Te’o story – one week later
Make the play: Will Te’o’s public image be tarnished in the long run because of this series of events?

5: NFC/AFC Championship Recap
Make the play: Who wins the Super Bowl on February 3rd?

Episode 19: NCAAF – Tostito’s Fiesta Bowl

20: Pennsylvania sues NCAA over Penn State infractions
Make the play: Who wins the lawsuit?

10: NFL 2012 Playoffs set
Make the play: Break down the bracket – who wins the Super Bowl?

5: BCS National Championship on Monday
Make the play: Who wins – Alabama or Notre Dame?

(NCAAF) Peter: 49-55, Joel 48-56 – (NFL) Peter: 54-48, Joel: 56-46
SMYNja Leader: (NCAAF) MajorMoses – (NFL) MajorMoses