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Episode 55: Predicting the MLB Replay System

– Lions hire Jim Caldwell, Titans hire Ken Wisenhunt, Vikings hire Mike Zimmer
– Australian Open begins with 108ºF heat
– Alex Rodriguez shenanigans continue

20: Alabama booster sells merchandise and NCAA doesn’t care
MAKE THE PLAY: Will any significant attention be brought to this in the next two years?
10: MLB owners OK expanded replay use for 2014
MAKE THE PLAY: Will this be received positively by the end of next year?
5: NFL Playoffs – Conference Championships
MAKE THE PLAY: Who moves on to the Super Bowl?

Episode 24: Predicting NFL Free Agency

20: World Cup to feature goal line technology
Make the play: Will there be a play that makes use of this technology in the 2014 World Cup?

10: Miami (FL) accused of lack of institutional control
Make the play: What will be the worst punishment that Miami receives?

5: NFL’s big roster cuts, free agent list
Make the play: Where does Reggie Bush end up next season?