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Episode 63: Predicting the Belmont

– Cavaliers win 3rd NBA Draft Lottery in 4 years
– Landon Donovan cut from World Cup team
– Jose Fernandez, Prince Fielder among those out for MLB season

20: California Chrome on the verge of the Triple Crown
MAKE THE PLAY: Will California Chrome win at Belmont?
10: NHL playoffs in the Conference Finals
MAKE THE PLAY: Who plays in the Stanley Cup Finals?
5: NBA playoffs in the Conference Finals
MAKE THE PLAY: Who plays in the NBA Finals?


Episode 48: NCAAF – Baylor at Oklahoma State

20: Jameis Winston sexual assault case gets DNA link
Make the play: Will Winston be unable to play in the BCS National Championship game because of this, assuming the Seminoles make it there?

10: Tigers/Rangers swap Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler
Make the play: Which team gets more wins next year – Texas or Detroit?

5: Alex Rodriguez thinks baseball is out to get him
Make the play: Will Rodriguez have his suspension eliminated from this arbitration hearing?

(NCAAF) Peter: 4-3, Joel 5-2
SMYNja Leader: (NCAAF) Detlef Schrempf, 34-19
(NFL) Peter: 3-3, Joel 4-2
SMYNja Leader: (NFL) Decaff78, 33-33

PICK 6Joel vs Peter
NCAAF Week 13
Texas A&M at LSU (-4.5) (3:30 PM)
Wisconsin at Minnesota (16.5) (3:30 PM ET)
BYU at Notre Dame (0) (3:30 PM ET)
– Arizona State at UCLA (2.5) (7 PM ET)
Missouri at Mississippi (2.5) (7:45 PM ET)
Baylor at Oklahoma State (10) (8 PM ET)
– Extra Point: Oregon at Arizona (20.5) (7 PM ET)
— Peter: Michigan at Iowa (-6) (12 PM ET)
— Joel: EP

NFL Week 12
Pittsburgh at Cleveland (-1) (1 PM ET)
– Minnesota at Green Bay (-4.5) (1 PM ET)
New York Jets at Baltimore (-4) (1 PM ET)
– Dallas at New York Giants (-1) (4:25 PM ET)
Denver at New England (1) (8:30 PM ET)
San Francisco at Washington (6) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)