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Episode 53: Predicting the BCS National Championship

– NHL Winter Classic: Maple Leafs vs Red Wings
– Texas still looking for a head coach
– College football bowl season almost complete

20: NFL coaching carousel begins
MAKE THE PLAY: Who will be the next head coach of the Detroit Lions?
10: BCS national championship game upcoming
MAKE THE PLAY: Who wins – Florida State or Auburn?
5: NFL Playoff Picture – Wild Card Round
MAKE THE PLAY: Which teams win this weekend?

Episode 30: Predicting the NBA Finals


20: Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia feud at TPC
Make the play: Does Tiger win a major this year? If so, which one(s)?

10: NBA playoffs begin the conference finals
Make the play: Who reaches the NBA Finals?

5: NHL playoffs are in the conference semi-finals
Make the play: Who will play in the NHL conference finals?

Episode 25: Predicting Selection Sunday

20: Rushing the court in college basketball
Make the play: Will any rule change be made about this next season?

10: NHL’s proposed realignment
Make the play: Does this actually happen next season?

5: College basketball Championship Week and Selection Sunday
Make the play: Who gets the four #1 seeds on Selection Sunday (March 17th?)