Episode 16: NFL – Denver vs Baltimore

20: Marquez knocks out Pacquiao
Make the play: Will there ever be a Pacquiao/Mayweather fight?

10: Seven Big East schools considering leaving
Make the play: Will the Big East be dissolved in the next couple years?

5: NFL thinking about expanding playoffs
Make the play: Will this change actually take place?

(NCAAF) Peter: 47-51, Joel 46-52 – (NFL) Peter: 45-39, Joel: 46-38
SMYNja Leader: (NCAAF) MajorMoses – (NFL) Skulljumper

PICK 6Joel vs Peter
NFL Week 15
New York Giants at Atlanta (-1) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
Green Bay at Chicago (+2.5) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
Denver at Baltimore (-4) (SUN, 1 PM ET)
Pittsburgh at Dallas (-2) (SUN, 4:25 PM ET)
– San Francisco at New England (-6) (SUN, 8:20 PM ET)
– New York Jets at Tennessee (-1) (MON, 8:30 PM ET)

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