WTFP Heroes: Latios and Latias

Youko and SwordHunter dissect the Bottom Ten moments from Pokémon Heroes – Latios and Latias! When Ash and company visit the small city of Altomare, they meet a pair of legendary Pokémon that are close with a girl and her grandfather. When the evil Annie and Oakley try to use Altomare’s fabled Defense Mechanism of Altomare to wield ultimate power, will our heroes be able to stop this nefarious scheme? You won’t believe the errors, logical mistakes, plot holes, and poor writing…

Bottom Ten below…


#10 – Redundantly Rendered Running

#9 – More Matchless Machinery

#8 – Foolishly Flawed Fossils

#7 – The Absurd Appearance

#6 – The Ineffective Individuals

#5 – The Set Sleep in Space

#4 – The Kooky Ketchum Kiss

#3 – Dew’s Destructive Display

#2 – Little Lati Legendaries

#1 – Wondrously Wild Weapon

Movie Commentary/Riff Track:

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