WTFP 3: The Movie

Youko and SwordHunter break down the Bottom Ten for Pokémon 3: The Movie – Spell of the Unown. When Ash and company visit Greenfield, all isn’t what it seems, as a lonely girl named Molly Hale has unleashed the legendary Unown and created her own crystal fortress. As an Entei grants her every wish, what has happened to her family? Can the Unown be stopped? You won’t believe the errors, logical mistakes, plot holes, and poor writing…

Bottom Ten below…


#10 – The Rendezvous Recollection

#9 – Entei’s Elaboration Earful

#8 – Crystal’s Compositional Chip

#7 – The Personality of the Player

#6 – Swaying the Source’s Sense

#5 – Trauma Turned Trivial

#4 – Ludicrously Legendary Letters

#3 – The Illusionary Inconsistencies

#2 – Unbelievable Unown Unveiling

#1 – The Maternal Materialization

Movie Commentary/Riff Track:

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  • Monsieur Alfred

    Hahahaha! This is one of your best episodes ever! The imitation of Entei made soup shoot from my nose! Literally!

    Anyways, I’ve been a fan of WTFP for a while now, and there’s something that’s been bugging me. What do you guys do for a living? I mean, the show must take a very long time to make, so I really am deep in thought on what you guys do for work that won’t disrupt your video masterpieces.

    Thanks for the good show!

    • Youko

      Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed it so much!

      Good question, too. We have our host profiles here – – but we basically work full-time jobs in the automotive industry. SwordHunter does engineering work on alternative-energy powertrains and I do video production work for Chrysler Group LLC. On top of that, I am also working on graduating with my Master’s degree in December, and I also produce several other online shows.

      Simply put, life is very busy, and while it would be nice to have WTFP be the only thing to sustain our livelihoods, that’s just not possible right now. Instead, it’s all a matter of finding the time and inspiration to work on the next “masterpiece.”