Host Profiles


Joseph “thedobaga” DeVader spent several years online trying to start projects that just seemed to burn out after about two episodes. Eventually he finally found a project that would stick around for the long run with Read the Manual, the podcast about stuff. After Read the Manual was accepted as a main show on the Show Me Your News Network, Doba decided to start three new shows under the banner of RTMCast Productions. One of those shows ended up being Moon Prism Power Hour. Doba never watched Sailor Moon when he was young, so he had no idea what to expect from this going in. We’re still not sure if he regrets it. He is represented by Sailor Neptune.

Doba is one of the hosts of Read the Manual, which certainly explains why everybody always wants to throw things at him. He also hosts RTM Radio, The List, and The Questionably Round Table.

You may follow Doba on Twitter @thedobaga.




Benjamin “GymleaderBen” Higbee (also known as bakosy) was a close friend of Doba from when they worked teaching at a boy scout camp. He migrated into the SMYN family with Read the Manual and has become a staple of RTMCast Productions next to Doba. Ben frequently watched Sailor Moon while growing up and has been a bit surprised to learn just how different the English dub is from how he remembers it. He is represented by Sailor Jupiter.

Ben is one of the hosts of Read the Manual. He also hosts RTM RadioThe List, and The Questionably Round Table.

You may follow Ben on Twitter @gymleaderben.




Andrew “ToonLucas” Garcia (also known as Moébeetus, Venoshock, DerpyH, Marley, and many more names) is undoubtedly an anime fanatic, making it a no-brainer to feature him in Moon Prism Power Hour. This show marks Lucas’ debut as an SMYN Network show host, though he’s been a member of the community for years. Out of the whole cast, he may have been most prepared for what the English Dub had in store for us. He is represented by Sailor Mars.

Lucas is also one of the rotating DJs of RTM Radio.





Of all the show hosts, Clayton “ZeroRanma” Jessen was the most recent to join the community, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a newbie since he actually predates the name “SMYN Network”. Another huge anime fan, Zero is the only member of the main cast who has actually read the Sailor Moon manga, and he and Darkurai are probably the biggest Sailor Moon fans in the entire SMYN Network. He is represented by Sailor Pluto.

Zero does not currently host any other SMYN Network show.

You may follow Zero on Twitter @ZeroRanma.




Kathryn “FangzV” Zawodniak is one of the youngest members of the SMYN community. (ノ・ω・)ノ゙ In fact, she’s only eight years old (or eighteen. ψ(。。) Pretty sure there’s an eight in there somewhere φ( ̄- ̄ )ノ). A beloved member of the community, Fangz often has something witty to say ♪(┌・。・)┌, giving a memorable touch to every conversation she’s in. ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ The Sailor Scouts of SMYN had started to lose their patience with the DiC dub of the 90s anime, so Fangz was brought in to add some much-needed optimism as they started the Cloverway era. (´▽`)ノ♪ She is represented by Tuxedo Mask.

Fangz does not currently host any other SMYN Network show.

You may follow Fangz on Twitter @FangzV.




Matthew “Darkurai” Zawodniak became the permanent editor of Moon Prism Power Hour after he offered to help make Doba’s workload a little bit lighter. He began editing the show at episode seven and (with the exception of a couple weeks due to illness) has been at it ever since. One of the earliest fans of SMYN, Darkurai does whatever he can to try to support all of the network shows, especially those under the RTMCast banner. He loved Sailor Moon as a kid, and fell in love with the series again recently with the help of Moon Prism Power Hour. He is represented by Sērā Mākyurī.

Dark is also one of the rotating DJs of RTM Radio.

You may follow Dark on Twitter @TheDarkurai.