What is MPPH?

Moon Prism Power Hour R is an RTMCast Production presented by the SMYN Network. If you’d like to see more RTMCast Productions and other works by the SMYN Network please visit www.showmeyournews.com

Check back every Thursday for a new episode of Moon Prism Power Hour!

In this show your four hosts suffer through the English dub of Sailor Moon because…. god kill us, we don’t know. WE LAUGH! WE CRY! WE CRY SOME MORE! Every week the hosts watch and riff two episodes of Sailor Moon (the highlights of which make it into these videos) and proceed to have an aftermath discussion afterwards. And then there’s some Sailor Says action as well.

All rights to Sailor Moon characters, stories, animation, and music belong to Kodansha, Toei Animation, Viz Media, and Naoko Takeuchi. The hosts of Moon Prism Power Hour do not in any way shape or form own any of this content outside of their own voices.

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