Webcomics Month: Story Based Comics (Comedy) (Week 4)

November is webcomics month! So every week this month we’ll have a new episode entirely based around the comics we read! It’s a great place to get some suggestions and get to readin’, because we love webcomics and so should you!

The month is almost coming to a close, but that’s okay! This week we’re gonna talk about some more story based comics that are less dramatic and more funny as hell. If you wanna laugh and meet some great characters, this is the place to be!


Cucumber Quest

Menage a 3


Eerie Cuties



Gunshow Comic

Go Get A Roomie

(I know it says the next episode is coming out tomorrow, but that’s before I realized there was still another week in November. So the last episode of Webcomics Month will be out next Friday, just like normal!)

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