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RTM Backer Challenges #1: Cooler’s Revenge, Poke Wars, Sly LP, RWBY

The first of the mini RTM Backer Challenges episodes has arrived!

This mini show will be where we talk about the forced media items given to us by kickstarter backers. Whenever we both have completed an item and are ready to talk an episode will come out. There’s no schedule for this, obviously, they’ll just happen when they happen.

This episodes challenges are:

Cooler 2: The Return of Cooler’s Revenge

– An abridged video created by TeamFourStar as a parody of the bad Cooler movie. This media item was given to Ben by Decaff78 through the $100 reward tier.

Poke Wars

– A popular fanfic written by Cornova, of which two volumes were read. This media item was given to Doba by ExoRaikou through the $100 reward tier.

CJSzero01’s Blind Let’s Play of Sly Cooper & the Thievius Raccoonus

– A let’s play of one of Ben and I’s favorite games of all time, which is not something we see every day. This media item was given to Ben by Decaff78 through the $100 reward tier.


– An anime like production from the folks at Rooster Teeth, trying their hands at a different kind of action series. This media item was given to Doba by ExoRaikou through the $100 reward tier.

Next episode will include two more items from Decaff and Exo as they’re the ones being focused on right now. Hope you enjoyed this bite sized RTM discussion!

Episode 69: The One Without a Sex Joke

No seriously. I mean, maybe the odd one got away but it wasn’t because we remembered what episode number it was. We seriously forgot! This is the most important milestone of all and we missed it! We forgot, we fucked up! It’s our fault! Mostly Doba’s fault, but it’s our fault!

This week’s big topics include Girls Generation, Bastion, Indie Game Soundtracks, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Pacific Rim, bad Sonic videos, Andy and the Airwave Rangers, Jerry Week, To The Beautiful You, Akibaranger, TimeRanger, Pokemon Season 7, Lolita, Nametags, MegaForce, SunVulcan, Kamen Rider W/Decade Movie, South Park Season 16, Summer Games Done Quick, Proteus, Clock Tower: The First Fear, MOTHER 3, Mass Effect 2, Bit.Trip Runner, Shrug Song, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Ninja Gaiden, Shantae, Paper Mario 64, Sly Cooper & the Thevius Raccoonus, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Kanye West 3030, Mafia II, Hyperdimension Neptunia V, and Papo & Yo.


ENDING SONG: Merry Christmas, Kevin! ~ Mega64

EASTER EGG(S): RTM’s two new side projects, and possible future projects.

Episode 17: We Chat With KnappTime39

Oh hey, we finally got Clay on the show! If you don’t know who Clay is, well where the hell have you been? Living under a rock? Obviously he’s… uh… well… um… he’s a guy we know at camp. We also have Mercedes who’s a GIRL WORKING AT BOY SCOUT CAMP? This is most unorthodox! HARUMPH.


This week’s big topics include Christmas music, the Beatles, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 at midnight, Powerpuff Girls Movie, Step Up 2: The Streets, Suburban Knights, Luigi’s Mansion, Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2, Sly Cooperthon Round 1, and more stories about more stupid campers and staffers.

The week’s Random Topic is: Dinsaurs

GUEST APPEARANCES: Clay and Mercedes

ENDING SONG: That’s What Girls Do ~ No Secrets