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Episode 94: MY BULMA

Sorry if the audio sounds a bit muffled, Ben’s computer glitched a bit during export. It’s okay though, the whole thing’s there! It’s not as short as we thought it would be, because we’re nerds and can talk a lot about Dragonball and Pokemon. Come listen to our show and please don’t shove us in a locker.

This week’s big topics include RTM Radio, Nullsleep, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods, Pokemon X/Y, Skyrim, and why games journalism is broken. No seriously, that’s it.


ENDING SONG: Forever Young ~ Gregorian

EASTER EGG(S): “I’m not talking about Spelunky again”

Episode 1: Ben Told Me To Call This Buttsecks

Welcome to the first episode of Read The Manual, hosted by thedobaga (Doba for short) and GymLeaderBen (um… Ben for short). On this podcast the two of them talk about the music they’ve been listening to, the movies or shows they’ve watched, and the games they’ve played since the last episode. It’s a little rough to start out but I hope you all stick with us through this journey!

… And when you’re done with that you may wanna get yourself checked out.

This week’s big topics include the beginning of Read the Manual, Doba and Ben’s self abusive intros, what is RTM, chip tunes, Obligatory Ice Level Day, Princess & The Frog, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1, Quip Trax and Riff Trax, Poker Night at the Inventory, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, Sonic Colors, Left 4 Dead and Team Deathstrike, PETA’s Super Tofu Boy, Pac Man’s ghost behavior algorithms, a man with a camera surgically attached to his head, law in the multiverse, and analyzing game journalism.

This week’s Random Topic is: Nutrition/Soda

This week’s Ben Bitches rant: Why does non mainstream music get such a bad rap?


ENDING SONG: Blue Brass Of The Beast ~ P-A Bouchard