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The List: Top 100 Comic Book Villains (Part 2)

We’re back, with 50 more comic villains! Still the same list, still the same description! Let’s do it! As a reminder, this is the Top 100 Comic Book Villains from IGN! Now with a slightly surprising ending.

The List In Question

Got a suggestion for a future list? Let us know in the comments!

Who is your favorite comic book villain? Who was not on this list that you think should have been?

Episode 44: Batman & Blackouts

In the year’s final camp episode Ben and Doba sit in a cabin that slowly and surely just loses all its electricity, leaving them to sit in the dark and talk to a microphone for about two hours. Oh, and Paul Terry shows up a bit too. Don’t worry, Doba didn’t screw up the microphone settings this time.

This week’s big topics include stupid kids at camp, the Professor Layton movie (and how it proves Inspector Groski is the shit), the bunches of anime Doba’s been watching, Santa Claus VS The Devil, Animal Crackers, and of course the new Batman movie.

Oh, and Merry Christmas in July RTM fans!


ENDING SONG: Space Ducks ~ Daniel Johnston

EASTER EGG(S): Ben reads a comic he doesn’t remember drawing/Merry Christmas in July Decaff and KingKing