Episode 31: Lovers Quarrels And Pikachu Depression

Oops this episode is way long. ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO LISTEN TO READ THE MANUAL FOR ALMOST FIVE HOURS? … no? Okay… Anyways, this week we’re joined by our friends from New Jersey, only of whom two were planned. But hey it still worked. This episode comes with a Side B that will NEVER BE RELEASED.

This week’s big topics include … everything. Seriously, everything. Go listen, you’ll see. How else could this be five hours long? When you can give me an answer to that question, then I’ll write down every subject we talk about.

GUEST APPEARANCES: Darkurai, Peofun, Fayte, Liz

ENDING SONG: Tobuscus Dubstep ~ Alex S

EASTER EGG(S): Setting up for the show/the orphanages/Peo gets a Twitter WHETHER SHE LIKES IT OR NOT/Doba rants about his sister’s boyfriend/Who names their child Peanut/Doba stopped Persona 3 way too soon

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