Episode 25.5: GLaDOS Chooses Youko & SuperTH

Hey guys, Doba here again for the RTM Takeover Day 5. Ben seems to have found a way to get out of this dimension. We’re not gonna mention how, cause The Voice might try to stop us, but we oughta be back soon. It seems today’s alternate hosts are, much to my surprise, Youko and Super. Both are hosts from our “fathering podcast” Show Me Your News! I assume they knew what was going on, unlike the other three pairs… odd… They’re certainly pouring on the sarcasm. Probably pissed The Voice off, but damn it I found it funny.

The final product creates a world where RTM is king. In their RTM they own multiple game franchises, a restaurant chain, and basically the world. They have a space facility, and millions and millions of dollars.

… God, I wish this was the real RTM. It sounds BEAUTIFUL. Anyways, enjoy the episode, guys! Also, somebody draw a Duckaroo RIGHT NOW. If all goes well, we’ll be out by the end of the night.

GUEST APPEARANCES: Youko and SuperTH (of Show Me Your News!)

ENDING SONG: Turret Wife Serenade ~ Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory


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