Episode 14: Ben Seriously Considers Death Or Quitting

Ever had an episode go so badly that one of your hosts just considers giving up on it and life in one go? Well, now you get to experience that for yourself! Ben and Doba work at a Boy Scout camp over the summer, and this is their first episode to be recorded out there. And boy, does is suck… just run, guys… just run…

We hereby claim this episode “The Clusterfuck Episode.”

This week’s big topics include Sam being a dick, the Brony camp clan we’ve created, and NOPE. I GIVE UP. NO TAGS FOR THIS ONE. GOD HELP US ALL. RUN AWAY.

GUEST APPEARANCES: Dan, Paul Terry, Colby, Sam

ENDING SONG: Wagon Wheel ~ Old Crow Medicine Show

EASTER EGG(S): Easter eggs are hard to do at camp

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