Episode 100: Big Man Hundo

This week’s topics include Alphaville, The Princess Diaries, Perfume, Bob’s Burgers, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Recess, American Dad, Expendabros, Terraria, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Attack of the Friday Monsters, Runman: Race Around the World, Kola Kingdom Quest, Marvel’s lineup of films for Phase 3, and Marvel looking to sue whoever leaked the Age of Ultron trailer.

Then, we do a retrospective about the past 99 episodes of RTM. We look back at where we’ve come from and how we ended up where we are now. Usually I’d try and fill this description with something where I try to be funny and silly and all that. This time I figured it was necessary to make this one serious.

Thank you.

This one gets kinda long, so click the jump to read the rest.

Never in my life did I think I would ever have a show that made it this far, 100 episodes of a podcast. I’d add up the hours we’ve produced over the years but that’d take too long and I honestly don’t have the time. No show I’d done before RTM had ever made it past two episodes and to be able to say the words “welcome to Read the Manual episode 100” is more important to me than you could possibly imagine.

We couldn’t have done it without you guys, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without Ben. So thank you, Ben! You’ve stuck around through my bullshit for almost four years of this now, and I don’t get why but I appreciate it a whole hell of a lot! I don’t know what else to really say here, Ben’s the reason you all listen and I know it and that’s cool cause he’s an interesting guy with interesting things to say. To be able to find a cohost with our kind of chemistry was super lucky and I’m really glad I did. Thanks Ben! Let’s enjoy this vacation…

We also couldn’t have done it without Youko, because without him I wouldn’t have been given new motivation to start a podcast, which means I never would have asked Ben to do one with me. He also started the Network which gave RTM a real place to live and gave us the room we needed to expand. It’s that confidence booster and platform that allowed us to start things like Moon Prism Power Hour, The List, and RTM Radio. He’s been an RTM supporter from the beginning and that means a lot to me.

Sure we’ve yet to get popular and take off, I still can’t use this show to pay my bills even though I pour most of my free time into it and the other shows. It’s not the best quality (it’s getting there!) and it’s got a load of other problems, but this show is just my baby you know? I wouldn’t trade these four years for anything. 2014 has been an awful year for the most part and throughout it RTM was always a thing. Throughout every up and down of the past four years RTM was always there to help me stay at least a little optimistic about the future, I’m not entirely sure where I’d be nowadays if it had never become a thing.

More than anything else I want to thank the people who listen to RTM. It’s a small number, I know. We often joke about how there’s only two or three people but we know it’s more than that, honestly. I get Skype messages every once and awhile from people who tell me that they had a bad day and RTM really helped them cheer up. That means a lot, it lifts my spirits.

Sometimes I lose motivation about this show and this Network because it’s yet to really go anywhere, and it’s getting there, but doing this show every two weeks for 4 years (while watching what you consider its parent show going for over 7 now) and still not really taking off? It gets a little hard to find that motivation, but you guys are the ones who help me get it back. Even if we haven’t made it yet, if we’ve made one person laugh through our weird bullshit or even just made them crack a smile I honestly consider that a success. There’s no censoring or anything in RTM for a reason, it’s just us coming out raw and spur of the moment.

So thank you very much, all of you. I hope you enjoy the 100th episode of Read the Manual, and we’ll see you all around the internet during our vacation. We hope you continue to listen for many years to come.

Read the Manual will return on December 13th.

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  • snohalation

    i love you guys, ok?

  • MustacheManny

    Great episode guys, you’re the highlight of my daily drive! I really enjoyed hearing about how this all started, keep it up!

  • Richard Martinez