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Episode 25.6: Villain Takeover End

Oh hey, we’re free! We beat The Voice and got out of THAT FUCKING DIMENSION. Wanna know how? Just listen. We’re at Youmacon, leave us alone.



ENDING SONG: Penpal ~ Anamanaguchi

EASTER EGG(S): The season 1 pack that never happened or needed to happen

Episode 25.5: GLaDOS Chooses Youko & SuperTH

Hey guys, Doba here again for the RTM Takeover Day 5. Ben seems to have found a way to get out of this dimension. We’re not gonna mention how, cause The Voice might try to stop us, but we oughta be back soon. It seems today’s alternate hosts are, much to my surprise, Youko and Super. Both are hosts from our “fathering podcast” Show Me Your News! I assume they knew what was going on, unlike the other three pairs… odd… They’re certainly pouring on the sarcasm. Probably pissed The Voice off, but damn it I found it funny.

The final product creates a world where RTM is king. In their RTM they own multiple game franchises, a restaurant chain, and basically the world. They have a space facility, and millions and millions of dollars.

… God, I wish this was the real RTM. It sounds BEAUTIFUL. Anyways, enjoy the episode, guys! Also, somebody draw a Duckaroo RIGHT NOW. If all goes well, we’ll be out by the end of the night.

GUEST APPEARANCES: Youko and SuperTH (of Show Me Your News!)

ENDING SONG: Turret Wife Serenade ~ Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory


Episode 25.4: Dr. Wily Chooses Darkurai & Moptop

WHERE IS HE, I’LL KILL HIM! … oh, hey guys, I didn’t see you there. Doba here, once again speaking from this other dimension. Seriously, this place sucks. I found out today that Ben’s been downloading torrents instead of trying to find a way out. YEAH, I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU, SCREW YOU!

… Anyways, today is Round 3 of the alternate hosts, and it seems The Voice had Dr. Wily on his side too. Wily picked Darkurai and Moptop, both of whom have yet to be featured on the show. They’re planned guests for season 2, but that can only happen if we GET OUT OF THIS DIMENSION.

These guys have amazing chemistry together, they play off each other so well. This is definitely worth a listen just for that, but that’s not all. Much like Zero and Moses did during Round 1, they add their own segment called Listener Mail. The guy that sent in his mail seems like he might be off worse than Ben and I. But yeah, these guys have given yet another solid addition to these alternate host episodes, I don’t know WHY The Voice keeps rejecting these, I think they’re all awesome so far!


GUEST APPEARANCES: Darkurai and Moptop

ENDING SONG: Proto Man’s Theme ~ Yasuaki Fujita & Harumi Fujita


Episode 25.3: Team Rocket Chooses ToonLucas & KindKing01

Well, Doba here for Day 3 of the takeover, and Round 2 of the alternate hosts. This dimension gets increasingly boring as we sit here, it’s literally just a white void. Ben somehow got wi-fi, the bastard, I’ve got no idea how. Anyways, looks like today’s alternate hosts were picked by Team Rocket, and they are KindKing01 and ToonLucas. Again, both have been featured on the show before, so that’s pretty cool.

Wait.. random fanfic? THAT’S NOT RANDOM TOPI-… Oh hey, that actually works pretty well, it’s pretty funny! Yeah, these guys did good stuff, enjoy listening to it! Meanwhile, damnit we gotta find a way out of here…


GUEST APPEARANCES: ToonLucas and KindKing01

ENDING SONG: Rocket Tower Takeover ~ Junichi Masuda and Go Inchinose


Episode 25.2: Dr. Fetus Chooses ZeroRanma & MajorMoses

Well, what’s THIS? Well, if you listened yesterday, you know that Ben and I are currently stuck in another dimension. Our intro voice has turned on us and picked up a crew of video game villains because SOMEBODY OPENED THEIR DAMN MOUTH AND SAID HE DIDN’T LIKE IT. NOT GONNA NAME ANY NAMES, BUT HE’S THE ONLY OTHER PERSON IN THIS DIMENSION.

Anyways, yeah. It seems the voice is picking alternate hosts to try and replace us. Not sure why, but… okay then. Today’s alternate hosts are ZeroRanma and MajorMoses. Both have been on the show before, so maybe that’s why Dr. Fetus picked them. They start out a little weak, but quickly get into the groove of things. They even add their own segments, food and literature. It looks like they can’t decide who’s the host though. And wait, THAT TOPIC WASN’T RANDOM!

So yeah, give a listen, they did great! Meanwhile, we’ll try to get out of this dimension…

Also, yes the stuff they talk about is just a TAD outdated. I guess The Voice had them record their episode a while ago so that he had time to edit and organize them all. Or… you know, that’d be my guess.

GUEST APPEARANCES: ZeroRanma and MajorMoses

ENDING SONG: Power Of The Meat ~ Josh Whelchel and Melinda Hershey