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Shoot the Shit with Matthew Taranto

Woah woah woah woah woah woah, what’s this? The second episode of Shoot the Shit and we blow our last episode out of the water big time? What is this an actual quality podcast all the sudden? Well, no this is basically a fluke but that’s not the point. The point is our guest this time is amazing and we were super fortunate to have him on.

Our guest for this episode of STS is none other than Matthew Taranto, who you might recognize as the artist and writer behind a small little webcomic called Brawl in the Family (maybe you’ve heard of it (of course you’ve heard of it)). He was super nice and more than willing to talk with us about Nintendo and comics and all sorts of other stuff. This is probably Doba’s new favorite thing that RTM has ever done in its near three years of runtime, so it is definitely worth a listen!


Brawl in the Family

Shoot the Shit With Pokemon Podcast

And our second side show rears its head with Shoot the Shit! In this show Ben and I hope to find guests more important than ourselves in the grand internet scheme (aka people with more fans than us (aka everyone)) and embarrass ourselves whilst simultaneously just striking some casual conversation with them. Unlike The List which will have a set release schedule, this show will simply happen when it happens or when we can get guests. Got somebody you want us to try and get? Let us know!

This episode we have Steve, Saul, and Travis of Pokemon Podcast on the show. We talk about everything from pokeships, trainer names, non-Pokemon games we enjoy, to board games. It was a pretty good session that ended in a mutual hatred of Monopoly from all but one of us, and is definitely worth a listen.


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