What Is Read The Manual?

Well hello there! Welcome to our humble content page! This content page belongs to the SMYN Network podcast Read the Manual! Now, as you browse this place for whatever reason you decided in your weird little head a question has probably spawned within the dark reaches of your brain:

What in the hell is Read The Manual?



Read The Manual is a podcast started in December of 2010 by thedobaga and GymLeaderBen based around the prospect of just talking about stuff. It can best be described as a biweekly festival of narcissism, a usually two hour block of two guys talking about their lives while being ridiculously self abusive.

And for some reason people like it. No, we don’t know why either.

The first ten or fifteen minutes of a usual Read The Manual episode is usually made up of just small talk, because honestly how else are we gonna open this crap? Things that have happened recently, stories we feel we want to tell. Sky’s the limit on this part, honestly.

After that we move into the music we’ve been listening to in the past. Ben himself is a bit of an audiophile, his music collection dwarfing a lot of others you’ve probably seen, so it’s actually pretty interesting to hear about all the stuff he listens to. Even when it’s weird as hell, like it is 99% of the time. Doba doesn’t listen to much, so he’s usually slow in this part.

Then we move into movies and TV shows we’ve been watching in the past two weeks. Both of us watch a lot of anime and you’ll hear us talking about those a lot, but also other TV shows or movies.

After that we move into games we’ve played in the past two weeks, the two of us being rather avid gamers. Sometimes they’ll be recent, sometimes they’ll be more retro. It just depends on what we were in the mood to play for those two weeks.

Sometimes after that we’ll move on to news. A lot of the time this is gaming news but in reality it can be pretty much any news we want and find interesting to talk about. Because shut up, you’re not even our real dad!

In addition, RTM now runs two side shows. The List, where Doba and Ben take a Top 50-100 list of something that somebody else made and talk about it because they don’t have lives. The other is Shoot the Shit, a show where we somehow get people more important than us and just have a casual conversation with them.

A warning in advance, RTM is not as family friendly as many of the other shows on the SMYN Network. We curse, we make vulgar jokes, stuff like that. We never go overboard, but just know that it’s a bit more vulgar than our sister shows are a lot of the time.

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So please, come listen to our crap and be wildly unamazed! It’s time for Read The Manual, the podcast about stuff!