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Episode 97: A 45 Minute Wink

Did you know that the best way to write a series meant to be a prequel to a famous story is to SCREAM ABOUT WHICH CHARACTERS ARE GOING TO BE WHO IN THE FUTURE EVEN THOUGH YOUR AUDIENCE ALREADY KNOWS? No? That’s because it’s not.

This week’s big topics include Tantei Jinguji Saburo, Martin Solveig, Smash 3DS OST, Professor Layon VS Phoenix Wright OST, Tsuko G, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, Kamen Rider Gaim, Garden of Words, Space Mutiny, Smash 3DS Demo, Pokemon X, Final Fantasy II, and World of Warcraft.


ENDING SONG: Hello ~ Martin Solveig

EASTER EGG(S): The Random Age

Episode 96: Pumamen and Painter Goblins

You are the Puma Man. You have claws and green screens. This episode is late because whatever, Smash Bros. demo happened you’re not important after that. None of us are important after that. I am struggling to write a description this week because…. I don’t know, just listen to the thing, okay? Okay.

This week’s big topics include Richard Harris, Brawl’s soundtrack, Smash 3DS’s soundtrack, Selfie, Two Best Friends Play Prison Break, Two Best Friends Play Dark Souls 2, Pumaman, Pokemon X, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (Demo), and Sims 3.


ENDING SONG: My Boy ~ Richard Harris

EASTER EGG(S): Doba does a dumb thing

RTM Backer Challenges #3: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Round three begin! How many rounds will there be? More than we can count, my child. More than we can count…

This is a mini show where we talk about all of the challenges our backers gave us as part of our Kickstarter that was successfully funded on July 1st, 2014. Obviously there’s no schedule for this show, it will just come out when they’re ready to come out.

This episode’s challenge is…

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

– An anime that began airing in 2012 based on the famous manga of the same name. It adapts the first two arcs of the manga (Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency) for its first season which is what we watched. This media item was given to both Doba and Ben by Decaff78 through the $100 reward tier, and given to Doba specifically by Cyberlink420 through the $25 reward tier.

Next episode will hopefully be of the two games given to us by ExoRaikou and Decaff, so look forward to it!