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Episode 95: British People Now and Later

BRITISH PEOPLE NOW? John Oliver and Doctor Who. BRITISH PEOPLE LATER? Professor Layton and Luke Triton. BRITISH PEOPLE EVEN LATER? Maybe Rachel, I don’t know. Welcome to Read the Manual 95 where we are 5 episodes away from the thing.

This week’s big topics include work days, the Protomen, Smash 4 music samples, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report, American Dad, Doctor Who, Kamen Rider Gaim, Pokemon X/Y, and Pokemon Yellow.


ENDING SONG: Light Up the Night ~ The Protomen

EASTER EGG(S): Shamelessly plugging the patreon

RTM Backer Challenges #2: Order of the Stick, Insomnia, Spoorloos

It’s time for round two of our backer challenges!

This is a mini show where we talk about all of the challenges our backers gave us as part of our Kickstarter that was successfully funded on July 1st, 2014. Obviously there’s no schedule for this show, it will just come out when they’re ready to come out.

This episode’s challenges are:

Order of the Stick

– A long running web comic about a group of DnD players attempting to kill a necromancer or… something. This media item was given to Ben by ExoRaikou through our $100 reward tier.


– A psychological thriller starring such talent as Al Pacino and the late Robin Williams about a cop being unable to sleep while trying to catch a killer. This media item was given to Doba by ExoRaikou through our $100 reward tier.

Spoorloos (The Vanishing)

– A foreign psychological thriller about a man and his obsessive search to find his wife, who disappeared without a trace. This media item was given to Ben by ExoRaikou through our $100 reward tier.

Next episode will include at least two of the remaining three items from Exo and Decaff. Look forward to it!

Episode 94: MY BULMA

Sorry if the audio sounds a bit muffled, Ben’s computer glitched a bit during export. It’s okay though, the whole thing’s there! It’s not as short as we thought it would be, because we’re nerds and can talk a lot about Dragonball and Pokemon. Come listen to our show and please don’t shove us in a locker.

This week’s big topics include RTM Radio, Nullsleep, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods, Pokemon X/Y, Skyrim, and why games journalism is broken. No seriously, that’s it.


ENDING SONG: Forever Young ~ Gregorian

EASTER EGG(S): “I’m not talking about Spelunky again”

Episode 93: Was Broked Now Fixed

I fixed this! This episode was dead, cut off in its prime and I BROUGHT IT BACK TO LIFE. BOW BEFORE ME, THE GREAT RESSURECTOR! MWAHAHA!

This week’s big topics include Mouth Silence, Die Antwoord, Sound of Music, Welcome to Night Vale, RTM Radio, Two Best Friends Play, LoadingReadyRun, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Venture Bros, Bakuman, Christmas, Borderlands, Minecraft, MOTHER 3, Europa Universalis IV, Borderlands 2, and Battle Block Theater.


ENDING SONG: Back to the Shack ~ Weezer

EASTER EGG: Nothing this week, sorry folks