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Episode 33: You Need An Adult

That title holds true, let me tell you. Even Ben thinks you’ll need some adult supervision. You probably shouldn’t do that, we really don’t want the cops involved. We’re on location at Ben’s apartment again because why would Doba ever stay at his own house. His parents are there. Also… um… yeah, gonna say it again. You’ll need an adult.

This week’s big topics include HotD season 2, Foxy Shazam, Ichigo 100%, Endless Eight, Genshiken, Love Hina, Breaking Bad, Wakfu, Snuffbox, Anti Christ, Mutant Mole Mayhem, Dear Esther, Rhythm Heaven Fever, Crash Bandicoot, Army of Two, Odin Sphere, why Devil May Cry sucks, why points suck, Dinner Date, Elevator Source, Pinball designer dies, the Vita, Pokemon Black/White 2, and Kingdom Hearts II.


ENDING SONG: Some Nights Intro ~ Fun.

EASTER EGG(S): It was separated and you’ll have to hunt for it HAHAHAHAHA

Episode 32: We’re Sorry… So Sorry…

For the first time outside of camp episodes, Ben and Doba are on location to record RTM! Ben finally moved out of his house and into an apartment, so the two decided to livestream the episode and record in the same room on the same mic! Too bad they did it out in the living room where both of Ben’s roommates could show up and SABOTAGE!

This week’s big topics include…. oh who am I kidding, I don’t want people to find this episode. I generally think this is one of our worst episodes. Don’t listen. Just run.

GUEST APPEARANCES: Paul Terry, Dan (Ben’s roommates)

ENDING SONG: Dip A Toe ~ Cee Lo Green