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Episode 25.2: Dr. Fetus Chooses ZeroRanma & MajorMoses

Well, what’s THIS? Well, if you listened yesterday, you know that Ben and I are currently stuck in another dimension. Our intro voice has turned on us and picked up a crew of video game villains because SOMEBODY OPENED THEIR DAMN MOUTH AND SAID HE DIDN’T LIKE IT. NOT GONNA NAME ANY NAMES, BUT HE’S THE ONLY OTHER PERSON IN THIS DIMENSION.

Anyways, yeah. It seems the voice is picking alternate hosts to try and replace us. Not sure why, but… okay then. Today’s alternate hosts are ZeroRanma and MajorMoses. Both have been on the show before, so maybe that’s why Dr. Fetus picked them. They start out a little weak, but quickly get into the groove of things. They even add their own segments, food and literature. It looks like they can’t decide who’s the host though. And wait, THAT TOPIC WASN’T RANDOM!

So yeah, give a listen, they did great! Meanwhile, we’ll try to get out of this dimension…

Also, yes the stuff they talk about is just a TAD outdated. I guess The Voice had them record their episode a while ago so that he had time to edit and organize them all. Or… you know, that’d be my guess.

GUEST APPEARANCES: ZeroRanma and MajorMoses

ENDING SONG: Power Of The Meat ~ Josh Whelchel and Melinda Hershey


Episode 25.1: The Takeover Begins

This is The Voice, and my takeover has begun. Participants in my competition, begin now.

Episode 24: In Which Zero Turns Into FUCKING TWO

Let me tell you a story of the day ZeroRanma was a guest on RTM for the first time. Everything was beautiful. The hosts talked for their usual amounts of time, and Zero played off of everything wonderfully. And then disaster struck. MP3 Skype Recorder, in all its glorious evil, only recorded the first ten minutes of that call.

So, angry, defeated, and hating their lives, those three gathered together again the next day. The product was not nearly as great, but screw you we had to record this episode twice!

This week’s big topics include why this is the second time they’ve recorded, the Brawl soundtrack, My Little Pony season 2, Persona 4: The Animation, The Simpsons, Minecraft, Batman: Arkham City, Chrono Trigger, Scribblenauts, Fallout 3, and #OccupyTomNook.

This week’s Random Topic is: Fun things to do with your lunch.

This week’s Copout subject: Sly Cooper (WARNING: Audio got screwed up here, listen through one headphone. No idea what happened, but somehow the stereo audio got split. Sorry…)


ENDING SONG: Freak This, Wild Wild West ~ Will Smith feat Sisqo

EASTER EGG(S): Revisiting RTM’s first intro

Episode 23: KindKing Is Banned Forever

KindKing finally made it onto the show, and it was great. THEN WE BANNED HIM. I don’t quite remember why and I’m not in a hurry to listen again. I do remember all the times we tried to kill him. I don’t remember how many times, but so many. Oh, and we torture him with the topic of the 24 Hour Cast!

This week’s big topics include Internet is for Music, Anime That Jazz, Portal 2: Songs for Testing, Jon Tron, Jackie Chan Adventures, Doctor Who, Terra Nova, The Office, Community, Fringe, My Little Pony season 2, American Dad, Dead Island, Gears of War 2, Portal 2 DLC, Minecraft, DS games, Postal 2, Sony’s PSN pass, Nightwing in Arkham City, Skyward Sword announcement, and Desert Bus for Hope 5.

This week’s Random Topic is: Breakfast


ENDING SONG: The Internet Is For Music ~ Psychosis

EASTER EGG(S): The next 24 Hour Cast clue/Preshow shenanininanigans/Our clues don’t lead to shit on Google