Week 8: Ben’s Dope Beats

It’s yet another week and you know what that means! Time for more cool tunes and dope beats and… uh… I don’t know how Ben would write this. This week is another week of Ben’s radio picks and we hope you enjoy what quickly turned into the weekend of not-Doba!


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

– Loco Roco Main Theme [Loco Roco]

– Hen Wen’s Vision [The Black Cauldron]

– Border Viillage Dali [Final Fantasy IX]

– Sunleth Waterscape [Final Fantasy XIII]

– Popularity Ranking [Tomodachi Life]

– Clothing Shop [Tomodachi Collection]

– Wacky Woodblock [It’s Mr. Pants!]

– The Wee Small Hours of the Night [Frank Sinatra]

– Unknown and Unnamed Spot [Radiata Stories]

– Luigi/Mario Circuit Vocal Cover [KevinGast]

– Ice Caverns Yeti Music [Spelunky]

– Stage Waterworld [Smart Ball]

– Fun House [Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Genesis)]

– Dolphin Shoals [Mario Kart 8]

– Memory [Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team]

– Now That I’m A Woman [The Last Unicorn]

– All Stars Theme [Super Dodge Ball]

– Hush Hour [Portrait of a Plumber]

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