Week 7: Doba’s Jazz Club

Another week, another cycle! This one’s gonna go a little differently though… Before you start listening this week I want you to imagine walking into a classy looking club, everybody is in nice suits and so are you! You order a whisky (OR ROOT BEER IF YOU’RE A MINOR, WE CARD HERE) and suddenly a guy named Doba sits next to you and spectacularly fails at having a suave voice.

It’s time for a night in the club.


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

– Maria & Joker [Mizuki Nana]

– A Moonlight Serenade [Platina Jazz]

– Farewell Daddy Blues [Boardwalk Empire]

– Married Life [Up]

– We All Become [Transistor]

– The Gambler [Fun.]

– Dragons [Caravan Palace]

– The Fragrance of Dark Coffee [Gyakuten Meets Orchestra]

– Signs of Love [Persona 4 REINCARNATION]

– Time For You To Go To Bed (Twinkle Twinkle) [Castles in the Sky]

– Zessai Bijin [Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei]

– Alice is Dead [Alice is Dead Episode 3]

– Rock it for Me [Caravan Palace]

– One More Time, One More Chance [5 Centimeters Per Second]

– A Talk With George [Jonathan Coulton]

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