Week 37: Unconventionally Awesome?

This week on the show, DJ Luca is back with another weird-ass set as usual. From J-Pop to Chiptune, to…. DISNEYLAND?! It’s a no holds bared kind of week this time around. Enjoy!


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

-Takaramonozu (Theme of School Idol Festival) [Love Live! `Light the Fire Up In the Night -TV Mix- [Persona Q]
-2 the Sky [Dorothy Little Happy]
-Boss Battle [Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets GBC]
-Password is 0 [Morning Musume]
-GourMEAT Race [Inverse Phase]
-Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph (At Sea) [Anamanaguchi]
-Make a ‘Mon Out Of You [EsquirebobAnimations]
-Little Talks – Coca-Cola [Kurt Schneider & Kevin Olusola]
-Ikaruga’s Theme [Senran Kagura Burst]
-Proper Introduction [ohnickle]
-Won’t Stop, Just Go! [Jun Senoue]
-Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter [FantomenK]
-Wishes! [Disneyland Resort]

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