Week 35: Ben Managed to Sober Up for This

It’s a miracle!


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

– Serah’s Theme [Final Fantasy XIII]

– Aimin’ At Your Head [Pretty Lights]

– Sonic Heroes Theme (Acoustic) [Mooki]

– Love Over Mind [The Sylvers]

– Speed of Light [Mr. Driller]

– Make the Call [Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball]

– Lake Bresha [Final Fantasy XIII]

– Never Gonna Give You Robo [yuzoboy]

– Fiddler on the Roof [Cannonball Adderly]

– The Last Unicorn [Ninja Sex Party]

– Call You Mom [They Might Be Giants]

– Fallen Angel [Alphaville]

– Treasure Island [Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny: Operation Carrot Patch]

– Born to be a Scout [Alex Boye]

– Sazh’s Theme [Final Fantasy XIII]

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