Week 34: Doba’s Gritty Reboot

We apologize for the lack of Radio’s the past few weeks, but we’re back now and better than ever! From here on out, RTM Radio will be edited by DJ Lucas which should really help to make sure the shows get out on time and sound as good as they can be! What’s in store for 2015? Who knows! We’re restarting the rotation with another episode by DJ Doba, involving some of his favorite game remixes that haven’t yet been part of a Radio episode. Enjoy!


As always, click the jump for the track listing!

– A Fistful of Nickels (Shadow) [zircon, XPRTNovice, Jillian Aversa, Jeff Ball]

– Above the Rising Falls [sephire]

– Rare Respite [Patrick Burns]

– purdieoldays [posu yan]

– Camrade [Diggi Dis]

– Legend of the Snake 2: Snake VS Dragon [Reuben Kee]

– Shiva Nataraja [Guifrog]

– Dark Matter [PrototypeRaptor]

– A K. Rool Pub Crawl [Sebastian Mårtensson (ft. Christopher Woo)]

– O, Say Can Yoshi [Bladiator]

– Tetanus [Hemophiliac]

– Trance Turnabout [NemesisTheory]

– The Impresario (Opera Sequence) [Jake Kaufman, Tommy Pedrini]

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