Week 33: Ben’s Holiday Hash

We return to you now with even more Christmas/holiday music, because that’s just what radios do in December. Have you checked a radio lately? It’s all just that. This week Ben comes back from vacation to throw you some sick holiday jams that will have your bells jingling! … I’m sorry I should never write these.


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

– Spider Claus [Brian Fukushima]

– Santa Baby [Girls Generation]

– Winter is the Coolest Time of Year [Pokemon Christmas Bash]

– Trabia Garden Theme [Final Fantasy VIII]

– Die Hard [Guyz Night]

– Something There [Beauty & the Beast]

– Freezery [Kylethedarkn]

– Snow Theme [Locoroco]

– Jack Frost’s Chime [Christmas Nights]

– Katamari Holiday [We Love Katamari]

– Cold Reception in Shiver City [Paper Mario]

– The Ice Queen [King’s Quest V]

– Fuck You if You Don’t Like Christmas [Crudbump]

– Another Christmas Song [Stephen Colbert]

– Wiggle He 2 [Demon Tomato Dave]

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