Week 32: Doba’s Winter Wasteland

Whoever coined the phrase “Winter Wonderland” is dumb because there’s nothing wonderful about Winter, except for most of December. Outside of that it’s a stupid phrase and this one is a lot better. Doba’s back! And he has a bunch of songs for you all that all vaguely relate to the holidays or winter, so enjoy!


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

– Kiwi Christmas [monkeycat]

– BITE ~ Umbreon [The Eevee EP]

– Happy Holidays! [Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX]

– Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite [Chihara Minori]

– I Keep My Home In My Heart [Pokemon Christmas Bash]

– What’s This [The Nightmare Before Christmas]

– Ice Climber [Super Smash Bros. Brawl]

– Supersnowman [Portrait of a Plumber]

– The Snowman [Sam Hart]

– FrosTronix [Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble]

– Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow [Perfume]

– Himilayas [Ducktales Remastered]

– Merry Christmas in the Sand [Mary Ardrey]

– Zzz [Nichijou]

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