Week 31: Moses’ Jazzy Jams

This week DJ Moses is bringing a different sort of show to you! This one’s all about jazz, and is definitely worth a listen. There’s even a contest within it, do you think you can win? Make sure you listen this week and give it a shot!


– Guns & Roses [Paradise Lost]

– Sing Sing Sing [Benny Goodman]

– Rush [Cowboy Bebop]

– Klaymen Shuffle [The Neverhood]

– Can’t Back Down [Bleach]

– Kaoru & Sentaro Duo in BUNKASAI [Kids on the Slope]

– In Just a Moment [Skullgirls]

– Swing Shift [Jumpin’ Jimes]

– Kongo Jungle (Live) [Donkey Kong Country]

– Destinta Intro [Destinta]

– Fool’s Paradise [Trigun]

– Pick Up the Pieces [Average White Band]

– Down in New Orleans [The Princess & the Frog]

– Animal vs Buddy Rich Drum Battle [The Muppet Show]

– Miles Edgeworth Great Revival [Gyakuten Meets Jazz]

– The Pink Panther Theme Song [The Pink Panther]

– Goodnight Julia [Cowboy Bebop]

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