Week 27: Doba’s Vacation Preparation

The final DJ Doba episode before the big vacation! It’s finally here! We’re almost fr- what? Oh it barely matters, this show is laid out in a way that when they come back from vacation it’ll be Doba’s turn anyways. Whatever I guess. I don’t care. Who cares. I don’t care.


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

– Opening Theme of Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney [Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney]

– Danse Infernale [Igor Stravinsky]

– In Case of Trouble [Bastion]

– Teen Titans Theme [Puffy Ami Yumi]

– Space Jam [Barkley Shut Up & Jam Gaiden]

– Becoming a Legend [???]

– Pac-Man’s Park/Block Town [Super Smash Bros. for 3DS]

– Johto BattleMix [Harmony of Heroes/Soleviio]

– Day 0 [The World Ends With You]

– Missions for the Brilliant Executioner (2K Mix) [Persona 4: Arena Arranged Album]

– Guitar VS Piano 1.2 [Goukisan]

– Oldies But Happies [Jet Set Radio Future]

– Yakko’s Universe [Animaniacs]

– Chaoz Fantasy [ParagonX9]

– Ashokan Farewell [Jay Ungar]

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