Week 25: Luca’s Halloween Hijinx

Wow, a whole 25 weeks! Who would have thought! That means we have just over a full day’s worth of regular radio episodes released for you all to listen to, and that’s pretty cool. It’s October! The spookiest month! And DJ Lucas is here with a setlist of electronic music that reminds him of Halloween. It’s an interesting one, so be sure to give it a listen!


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

– The Last Dawn [Figure]

– Otis [Figure]

– Zombies [Figure]

– Aliens [Figure]

– No Turning Back [Figure]

– Beetlejuice [Figure]

– Mr. Hyde [Figure]

– Child’s Play [Figure]

– This Is Halloween [Figure]

– Frankenstein [Figure]

– Eagle [Figure]

– Are You Afraid of the Dark [Figure]

– The Giant Eyeball [Figure]

– Monster’s Revenge [Figure]

– The Blob [Figure]

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