Week 23: Ben’s Tasty Bits

Tasty tasty bits, get your bits here. I don’t know why Ben is calling this week… that but whatever, right? It works I guess, who cares? STOP CARING. Back to a themeless week this time around as Ben just throws you some more tracks from his endless list of possible radio tracks. I’ve seen that list, it actually does not end and it’s scary. I stared into the list and the list stared back.


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

– I Wanna Be [Soul Eater]

– Turn Around [Malvina Reynolds]

– Hero [Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods]

– Eternal Universe [Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods]

– The Courting [A Quiet Man]

– Genjitsu to iu na no kaibutsu to tatakau mono tachi [Bakuman]

– New Day [Sonic Rush]

– We’re Off to See the World [Chipmunks & Chipettes]

– We Will Be Friends [Lazytown]

– Blazing [BanYa]

– Essa Maneira [Kaoma]

– Taking Turns [Ruckus Roboticus]

– Female President [Girls Day]

– MTC2 [S3rl]

– A Premonition [Ys: Oath in Felghana]

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