Week 16: KindKing’s Time Travels

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The final backer episode has arrived! Our final backer is KindKing01 who took his episode as a chance to go travelling through time in an episode very similar to Doba’s stupid club episode. For anybody wondering what the hell he’s talking about at the beginning, I guess you just didn’t hear RTM 50 and don’t love us enough. It’s cool, we understand. Next week we’re returning to hear more from Doba for the first time in like a month.


– End of the Road [Boyz II Men]

– One Last Hope [Hercules]

– A Girl Worth Fighting For [Mulan]

– Brother, My Brother [Mewtwo Strikes Back]

–  Cardcaptors [Cardcaptors]

– Run Around [Jason Radford]

– Cha-La Head Cha-La [Dragonball Z]

– Dancing Through Life [Wicked]

– Zatch Bell Japanese OP [Zatch Bell]

– In 2007 [Jib Jab]

– Roll in the Hay [Young Frankenstein]

– The Phone Call Song [Lucky Stiff]

– Cara Mia Addio [Portal 2]

– Fallen Kingdom [Captain Sparklez]

– Fixer Upper [Frozen]

– Hooked on a VETO [Guardians of the VETO]

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