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Week 27: Doba’s Vacation Preparation

The final DJ Doba episode before the big vacation! It’s finally here! We’re almost fr- what? Oh it barely matters, this show is laid out in a way that when they come back from vacation it’ll be Doba’s turn anyways. Whatever I guess. I don’t care. Who cares. I don’t care.


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

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Week 1: Top 25 Video Game Soundtracks

That’s right everybody, RTM Radio is back and better than ever! We’re kicking this new show off with a bang, this 4 hour show contains one song from each of our respective favorite 25 video game soundtracks as well as four songs chosen by guests Darkurai, Missingno, Joe Bush, and Youko giving us a whopping total of 54 songs!

While this 4 hour monstrosity of a show is not at all indicative of how long RTM Radio’s gonna go, we hope to have this format be the way it goes from now on. That includes guest picks every episode, but will most likely only contain 9-10 songs an episode if that. Whether it will be weekly or biweekly to start is still being fully decided. We hope you enjoy!

So without further ado, please enjoy the premiere episode of RTM Radio and this latest episode of the list. A track listing, for your enjoyment!

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