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Week 38: The Return of Radio

This post is formatted differently, there’s no track list so you gotta go listen yourself (or look at the tags to get a taste for what we have in store this week)!

DJ Moses finishes off the cycle at last and soon we will begin another cycle, with a completely redone format. Look forward to it and we hope you enjoy this week’s (late) show!

Week 28: Ben’s Preparation Vacation

Ben’s back, now fully what he always wanted to become to begin with. His transformation shall continue from here, but it’s obvious this was his end goal the entire time. Ben and I are on vacation from this point on, but that doesn’t mean RTM Radio is stopping! While we’re gone Dark has volunteered to edit episodes until our official return. So please tune back in next week for DJ Darkurai!


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

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