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Week 26: Moses’ Spooky Scary Spectacular

The scariest day of the year approaches, the final radio before Halloween has arrived! Moses comes to you with the scariest songs he can think of all the while experiencing one of the most horrifying things you could ever face: SHARING A RADIO EPISODE WITH DOBA. You’ll scream! You’ll shriek! You’ll groooove! An extra long episode of RTM Radio for all your Halloween needs.


As always, click the jump for the track listing!

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Week 16: KindKing’s Time Travels

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The final backer episode has arrived! Our final backer is KindKing01 who took his episode as a chance to go travelling through time in an episode very similar to Doba’s stupid club episode. For anybody wondering what the hell he’s talking about at the beginning, I guess you just didn’t hear RTM 50 and don’t love us enough. It’s cool, we understand. Next week we’re returning to hear more from Doba for the first time in like a month.


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