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Week 38: The Return of Radio

This post is formatted differently, there’s no track list so you gotta go listen yourself (or look at the tags to get a taste for what we have in store this week)!

DJ Moses finishes off the cycle at last and soon we will begin another cycle, with a completely redone format. Look forward to it and we hope you enjoy this week’s (late) show!

Week 31: Moses’ Jazzy Jams

This week DJ Moses is bringing a different sort of show to you! This one’s all about jazz, and is definitely worth a listen. There’s even a contest within it, do you think you can win? Make sure you listen this week and give it a shot!


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Week 26: Moses’ Spooky Scary Spectacular

The scariest day of the year approaches, the final radio before Halloween has arrived! Moses comes to you with the scariest songs he can think of all the while experiencing one of the most horrifying things you could ever face: SHARING A RADIO EPISODE WITH DOBA. You’ll scream! You’ll shriek! You’ll groooove! An extra long episode of RTM Radio for all your Halloween needs.


As always, click the jump for the track listing!

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Week 22: Best of Smash 3DS

This week Doba has given up his spot this cycle for a special Radio! This week marks the release of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, a game we here at the SMYN Network have been looking forward to for a long time. For people like us that listen to video game music quite regularly a new Smash game is almost like Christmas, with this game’s 80+ tracks for us to enjoy. So today we each picked five songs off this soundtrack and now present them for your listening pleasure!


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

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Week 21: Moses’ Exciting Songs

Moses is back and he’s excited! So to share his excitement with all of you he’s decided to throw 15 tracks at you that get excite him and will hopefully excite you too. Get ready to jump, fist pump, and hyperventilate (remember folks, a paper bag) as DJ Moses takes you on this wild ride!

Next week all five DJs will be present for a special episode of Radio, look forward to it!


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

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Week 11: Moses’ Anime Jams II

Moses is back, and this time it really IS anime centric! I’m not talking out of my ass this time, I promise! This ends yet another cycle, and next cycle will work a little differently. Next week we’ll be back with Doba as usual, but after that it’ll be backer episodes of Radio. We hope you look forward to it!


As always, click the jump for the track listing.

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