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Episode 24: Surprising Gifts and Foreign Foods

Our guest Marc Spezia asks about the media that the hosts feel comfortable going back to watch or listen to on multiple occasions, Joe DeVader wonders about the awful reasons why customers do terrible things, Rachel Yates tells the story of how Peter proposed to her and inquires about how the hosts have been surprised by gifts they have received, and Peter Spezia examines the hosts’ experiences of eating food that is offered in other countries. Peter and Rachel are engaged!


EPISODE 24 ON YOUTUBE (Audio Download Below)

2:33Marc Spezia (SwordHunter) – “What merits are there in rewatching or replaying different kinds of media?”
12:03Joe DeVader (thedobaga) – “What are some of the stupidest reasons you have heard for people doing awful things?”
29:12Rachel Yates (Eevee) – “ENGAGEMENT STORY! Which gifts have you been surprised by?”
47:03Peter Spezia (SMYNYouko) – “What are the times that you have experienced foreign food?”

Episode 12: Comfort Food and Game Streaming

Rachel Yates asks about what scared the hosts the most when they were a child, Ben Higbee wonders about the comfort food the hosts like to go to when the gloves are off, Miles Allen inquires about fast food items matching up to their advertised pictures, and Joe DeVader examines what game series the hosts would stream forever if they could. Also, in the Mailtime segment, Missingno87 asks about the fights that the hosts have been in.


EPISODE 12 ON YOUTUBE (Audio Download Below)

2:30Rachel Yates (Eevee) – “What really scared you when you were a child and what frightens you the most now?”
14:06Ben Higbee (GymLeaderBen) – “What food do you go to when you have either thrown in the towel or the gloves are coming off? You do not care and it’s going to be a bloodbath.”
25:23Miles Allen (Solharath) – “Have you ever ordered a fast food item that looked exactly like its picture or did it look completely different?”
36:32Joe DeVader (thedobaga) – “If you had all the free time, money, and resources necessary, what game series would you stream live?”
45:01@Missingno87 – “Have you ever been in a fight?”

Episode 8: Hangovers and Buying Porn

Miles Allen asks about the hangover stories the hosts have from when they have drank the most, Rachel Yates wonders about the mancrushes that the hosts have, Ben Higbee inquires about the experiences the hosts have with buying porn, Peter Spezia examines the top three favorite fast food establishments for each of the hosts, and Joe DeVader investigates the oldest friend that each host has from when they were younger.


EPISODE 8 ON YOUTUBE (Audio Download Below)

1:33Miles Allen (Solharath) – “What times are the most you have ever drank and what are some stories from those times?”
17:25Rachel Yates (Eevee) – “Who are your mancrushes?”
26:46Ben Higbee (GymLeaderBen) – “Have you had any instances of buying porn?”
36:52Peter Spezia (SMYNYouko) – “What are your top three favorite fast food establishments?”
49:11Joe DeVader (thedobaga) – “Who is the oldest friend you still keep in contact with?”