Episode 30: More Reddit Fifty-Fifty and Sonic Fanfiction

Peter Spezia brings back the horrific results of the Reddit Fifty-Fifty Challenge, Rachel Yates wonders about what she can do with her newfound free time, Joe DeVader shares the Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction story that he wrote when he was 12 years old, and Ben Higbee examines if the hosts appreciate it when films challenge their way of thinking. Rachel has officially moved to the United States!


EPISODE 30 ON YOUTUBE (Audio Download Below)

4:57Peter Spezia (SMYNYouko) – “Let’s play the Reddit Fifty-Fifty Challenge again!”
24:05Rachel Yates (Eevee) – “What are some fun and weird suggestions that you can give about what I should do with my time while Peter is out of the house?”
34:06Joe DeVader (thedobaga) – “I wrote a fanfiction story when I was 12 where Sonic the Hedgehog died!”
50:38Ben Higbee (GymleaderBen) – “How much do you want a movie to challenge you?”

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